Name Patent number Certificate
A material of TPV magnetic door seals and preparation method ZL201210440619.5
A blend of PVC plastic magnetic door seals and preparation method ZL201210440620.8
Product patents
the gasket ZL201220316667.9
The invisible door seal ZL201120360915.5
The refrigerator door seal ZL201120493374.3
Profile Patents
The TPE ring energy-saving refrigerator door seal section ZL201220316647.1
The TPE double insulation refrigerator door seal section ZL201220316648.6
The open TPE refrigerator door seal section ZL201220316649.0
The flexible insulation refrigerator door seal section ZL201220316650.3
The open TPE refrigerator door seal section ZL201220316666.4
Equipment and Mould Patents
A horizontal angle cutter of door seal ZL201420742039.6
Welding variable pitch into the mould device ZL201220206028.7
Three points welding mold ZL201220206040.8
The seal welding guide mode of refrigerator door ZL201220206016.4
The magnetic mechanical adjusting device ZL201220207167.1
Stable wear magnetic device ZL201220207183.0
The door seals automatic production line ZL201220206065.8
The four welding machine ZL201202026980.7
Assist device of effective permeability ZL201220206026.8
Heating device in Rotary type ZL201220207166.7
Magnetic stripe guide device ZL201220206022.X
Drying machine discharging mouth ZL201120493388.5
Extrusion ice closed loop system ZL201120493371.X
Closed PVC mixer ZL201120493410.6
A hard and soft plastic total dose of mould ZL201120493399.3
Squeeze the trigger board platform ZL201120493386.6
Automatic meter ZL201120238454.4
Automatic closing control system ZL201120238451.0
Transferee Invention
The preparation method of guanidine type polymer antibacterial agent ZL200910144560.3
Transfer of Utility Model Patent
A compressor for refrigerators and freezers ZL201020549022.0